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Porcelain Soul

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The back of a girl facing the sea
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What would you do if in an an instance your life changed forever? How would you react in the face of suffering? 

Andreea is thirteen and looking forward to taking part in a Romanian dance performance on a trip to Paris with her friends.  However she skips school one day and gets in a car with a boy she doesn’t know. They have a terrible crash which leaves her paralysed from the neck down. At thirteen she is forced to confront the feeling of losing her entire reality in just one moment. This is the story of the operations, the hospitals, the friendships, the long long waits, the pain, the horror at her new appearance, and the discovery of what it means to be courageous. She shares her inner journey, which led her to re-evaluate what really matters and which is bound to make us reflect on how much we do take for granted in our own lives.

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'As uplifting as it is sad. A beautiful book which teaches us to live every minute and appreciate what we have'

– Melanie Reid

'You cannot read this book without feeling the pain in every particle of your own body and without rejoicing when a patched soul is reborn from its own despair like the phoenix bird. When suffering meets victory, intertwining in the most mysterious way, it will give birth to the most beautiful feeling - COURAGE.'

– Laura Fierbinteanu, psychotherapist

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Andreea Lichi


about the author
Andreea Lichi is from Bacău, Romania. When she was thirteen, her spine was broken and her spinal cord severed. She is now a psychology student, the author of Porcelain Soul and a model for Atipic Beauty, a fashion enterprise celebrating the diverse forms of beauty in those with disabilities.
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You never know how close a friend is to you until you’re on the edge of the abyss. You never know if the person you share all your secrets with would jump into the fire to save you or would leave you there to burn. You never know if the individual who you gave the title ‘best friend’ is truly worthy of the name. When I say friend, I think of the highest qualities. I think, first, of respect. Then I think of love, generosity, devotion, trust, wisdom, responsibility. I think of the whole beauty of creation God made in each human. A true friend is one who, regardless of the situation, is close to you. A true friend is one who stays by your side even if you have lost a leg, a hand. Even if you lost your skills. A true friend is someone who does not judge but advises. A true friend is one who, if you have lost your sight, makes your soul see all that the eyes cannot.

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