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The Purified

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Blue woodcut of a bird flying with text The purified printed above
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| translator
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Eamon’s newfound happiness is shattered by the kind of murder that the government doesn’t want to believe happens anymore. Detective Maclean thinks he has the killer, but something worse than a body has been found beneath the waters of The Minch, something that should never have been brought to the surface, and now it is not just TV crews that are watching the village.

This novel is the second in a series set in and around the village of Duncul.

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‘A high-octane thriller that sets off at speed and never relents until it reaches its conclusion, numerous entertaining twists and turns later’

– Ken Lussey, Undiscovered Scotland

‘C.F. Peterson has done it again. A story with global resonance in a deeply Scottish setting, full of big ideas though the action never stops, every individual in the huge ensemble clearly picked out and playing an essential part, THE PURIFIED is a joy from irresistible start to shattering finish.’

– Catriona McPherson

‘Calvinists, Anarchists and a Dutch eco-extremist intent on rewilding the area with wolves cluster round the small village of Duncul, where Afghan war veteran Eamon Ansgar lives alone in the castle by the Minch. A violent murder leads to a police investigation from outside, and the village is already attracting media attention for an alternative political convention soon to be held.  Only Eamon suspects how murky the swirling currents of culture and counter-culture riddling the peninsula are. What are the three South African divers looking for at the bottom of the sea?  Duncal has inadvertently become the epicentre of international activity and there is more trouble brewing. “The Purified” is a gripping, intelligent thriller which races the reader to its spectacular conclusion.’

– Reviewer on Net Galley

‘The brewing conflict and danger lurking at sea is really well-conceived, broadminded in its grasp of the various factions like a Hieronymus Bosch painting in print!’

–Reviewer on Net Galley

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C. F. Peterson


Claire Galbraith

about the author
C. F. Peterson was born in Inverness. He lived in Africa and worked in bio-chemistry before returning home to the Scottish Highlands where he runs a design and construction company. He is married and has five children.
about the artist
Claire Galbraith earned her BA (Hons) in Visual Arts from Salford University. Her artwork is inspired by the rich landscapes and endless skies of the Scottish Highlands where she now lives. Her artwork appears in 'Errant Blood' and 'The Purified.'
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