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Auntie Robbo

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A run away caravan in red filled with children and other items
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There’s no denying Auntie Robbo was rather a  gay old lady, frivolous in some ways…

Hector is an 11-year old boy living near Edinburgh  with his great Auntie Robbo, who is in her eighties. When a woman calling herself his step-mother arrives from England, Hector and Auntie Robbo realise that they have to run away. The chase leads all over the Highlands of Scotland. And so, they narrowly escape police and the authorities, and adopt three homeless children on the way. It was originally refused for publication in London because it was deemed critical of the English and ‘too Scottish’. However, Viking Press decided to publish it in the United States in 1941. Ironically, the published edition displayed an apology on the jacket of the book that  read, ‘without the slightest shadow or suspicion of a moral.’ Nonetheless, after its success in print, Constable took it on in 1959. Later, the book was published in India, South Africa, Australia, New  Zealand, Denmark, and Germany.

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‘Extravagant and rollicking… It has the complete irresponsibility which is only possible from a serious writer.’

- New Alliance, 1941

‘Immensely entertaining story, one of my favourite books as a child, I still think it very engaging now. Auntie Robbo is a marvellous character, and her adventures with Hector remain as amusing to read now as they were over forty years ago.’

- Goodreads

‘Taking us all over the Highlands of Scotland, [Auntie Robbo] appeals to the imagination of children and the impulse to be free of authority. I am delighted and excited to be publishing it and to show off the great spirit of Auntie Robbo herself. The story has more resonance today, when there are even more rules governing children’s lives, and the need to escape into the open air and Highland hills is more imperative than ever.’

- The Bookseller

‘It’s a novel about the human appetite for life, about the delight in sharing and companionship,…about heroic eccentricity versus agents of conformity.’

- Dr Nick Campbell, The Impossible Library

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Ann Scott-Moncrieff


Christopher Brooker

about the author
Ann Scott-Moncrieff was born in Orkney in 1914 and died in Nairn in 1943. During her short life she was a journalist, writer and poet who was immortalized by Edwin Muir in his poem ‘To Ann’. Scotland Street Press is in the process of re-publishing her children novels.
about the artist
Christopher Brooker illustrated 'Auntie Robbo,' recently reprinted by Scotland Street Press. Documented due diligence exists for attempts made to contact the copyright holder of the illustrations over a period of two years. The Publishers would welcome any contact from or recognition of the copyrigh
No items found.
There’s no denying Auntie Robbo was rather a  gay old lady, frivolous in some ways…

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